Authors like Jeff Shaara

Jeff Shaara writes historical fiction about the American Wars and the people involved in these historic events.  He wrote the prequel and sequel to his father’s book “The Killer Angels.”  Here are some suggestions for authors like Jeff Shaara for the readers who love historical fiction.



Cornwell, Bernard

  • The Fort: A Novel of the Revolutionary War (Fiction and Large Print)
  • Sword Song: Battle for London (Fiction and LP)
  • The Burning Land (Fiction and LP)

Penman, Sharon Kay

  • Lionheart (Fiction and Audio)
  • Devil’s Brood

Shaara, Michael

  • The Killer Angels (Large Print)

Gingrich, Newt

  • Days of Infamy
  • The Battle of the Crater: a novel of the Civil War
  • To Try Men’s Souls: a novel of George Washington and the fight for American freedom

Griffin, W.E.B.

  • Death and Honor (Fiction and Audio)
  • Victory and Honor
  • Call to Arms (Paperback)

Pressfield, Steven

  • Killing Rommel
  • The Profession: a thriller (Fiction and Audio)

Thor, Brad

  • The Last Patriot (Fiction and Audio)
  • Full Black

Gabaldon, Diana

  • Lord John and the hand of devils
  • The Scottish Prisoner
  • An Echo in the Bone

Ambrose, Stephen

  • Into the Wild Blue  [the men and boys who flew the B-24s over Germany] (sound recording)



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