Adult Graphic Novels

Comics and graphic novels aren’t just for kids and teens. Graphic novels add a visual element that you can’t get from just reading a book and offers a new way to interpret the story.  This new genre continues to grow in popularity as more people discover it.  HPL has many adult graphic novels with interesting storylines and beautiful art, many of them based on books.  They are all found in the Fiction section on the first floor.

the dresden files

The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle
Call Number: Butcher

A brand new Dresden Files story in graphic novel form.  Harry Dresden is the only professional wizard in Chicago and is investigating a deadly mauling at the zoo.  But once he starts investigating he realizes he might be the next victim, and the creatures hunting him are not of this world.

Mercy Thompson

Mercy Thompson: Homecoming
Call Number: Briggs

Mercy is a being who has the power to transform into a coyote.  She finds herself in the middle of a gang war between two packs of werewolves when she travels to the tri-cities of Washington for a job interview.  Not only does she have to deal with werewolves, she also has to deal with her mother, who is convinced she is ruining her life.

New Spring

New Spring
Call Number: Jordan

The complete collection of the eight volume comic series that was an adaptation of the original book.  Moiraine Damodred, who is a young Aes Sedai, searches for the infant Dragon Reborn with Lan Mandragoran, who is the uncrowned king of a nation that no longer exists.

The Talisman

The Talisman: Volume 1: The Road of Trials
by Stephen King and Peter Straub
Call Number: King

13 year old Jack, with the help of his new friend Speedy, must enter the Territories in a realm he calls the Daydreams.  He must travel through the dangerous Territories to retrieve a magical talisman that can help save his mother’s life.


Call Number: Hampton

In 1997 the Harringtons are in Romania adopting a daughter, and are happy to rush her home without following the adoption regulations.  In 2007 their adopted daughter, Katie, wakes up from a coma and begins having bloody nightmares.  She must figure out what’s happening before the beast inside her breaks free.

Stephen King's N

Stephen King’s N.
Call Number: Guggenheim

Based on Stephen King’s short story Just After Sunset, this graphic novel follows “N,” who suffers from OCD and can’t seem to stop visiting the group of Stonehenge like stones in a nearby field.

Scalped Indian Country

Scalped: Indian Country v. 1
Call Number: Aaron

Dash returns to the Prairie Rose Reservation after fifteen years to discover that things have gotten even worse.  There is now a new casino and a new leader of organized crime.  He must survive in this dark world with only a set of nunchucks and a tough attitude.

HPL’s Newest Mysteries

Many of our mystery aficionados here at HPL have been asking for our newest mysteries.  2015 was a great year for mysteries and we have a lot of them here; from well known series, such as Monk, to historical mysteries featuring Sherlock Holmes.  Because all of these have been recently published, they may still be in our New Book Section on the ground floor.  If they’re not in the New Book section they will be on the first floor in our Fiction or Large Print rooms.

as chimney sweepers come to dust

As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust (A Flavia de Luce Novel) by Alan Bradley
Call Number: Bradley

Flavia is sent from her home in England to a boarding school in Canada as a punishment.  When a body falls into her room from the chimney, she begins to investigate the mysterious disappearances of girl from her school.

a scourge of vipers

A Scourge of Vipers: A Mulligan Novel by Bruce Desilva
Call Number: Desilva

When the governor of Rhode Island decides to try to make sports gambling legal, people who would benefit try to buy the vote.  Liam, who is a reporter, begins to investigate and discovers that getting involved could be very dangerous.

Dreaming Spies

Dreaming Spies: A Novel of Suspense Featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes #3) by Laurie R. King
Call Number: King

Sherlock Holmes and Mary return home to find a rock from the Tokyo garden of the future emperor of Japan.  Upon finding the rock, they begin to understand that the investigation they did last year in Japan is not truly over.


Death of a Dishonorable Gentleman (Lady Montfort Mystery #1) by Tessa Arlen
Call Number: Arlen

The annual ball Lady Montfort has been planning is ruined when her husband’s nephew is murdered.  When it looks like her son is being targeted as the main suspect, Lady Montfort sets out to find out who the real murderer is.  As she tries to clear her son’s name, she finds that all of the people around her have secrets.

The Language of teh dead

The Language of the Dead: A World War II Mystery by Stephen Kelly
Call Number: Kelly

The village of Hampshire, England remains quiet and peaceful, even as German bombers attack the rest of the country.  But when a man is murdered and the methods used have to do with witches and the occult , Detective Inspector Thomas Lamb comes to find who the killer is, and if the crimes are really occult related.

A Winsome Murder'

A Winsome Murder by James DeVita
Call Number: DeVita

This novel takes place in a rural Wisconsin town that is riddled with a series of brutal murders.  It follows a waitress with a haunted past, a jaded detective, and an author struggling with a failing career, all of whom are affected by the actions of a serial killer.

Love's Alchemy

Love’s Alchemy: A John Donne Mystery by Bryan Crockett
Call Number: Crockett

In this historical mystery, the writer John Donne is summoned to meet with the politician Robert Cecil.  Robert wants John to become a spy to root out Jesuit priests, but John, who wants no part of this, tries to outwit Cecil as he sets out on a dangerous journey.

Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant

Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant by Hy Conrad
Call Number: Conrad

Monk and Natalie attend the funeral of Judge Oberlin and when Monk examines the body, he finds evidence of poison.  Captain Stottlemeyer begins to show the same symptoms of poisoning as the judge, and Monk must find the killer to protect his friend.

An Anecdotal Death

An Anecdotal Death (A Harry Brock Mystery) by Kinley Roby
Call Number: Roby

Harry is hired by a woman whose husband has been killed, but there is long list of suspects, and Harry is struggling with his own personal problems.  The tenth book in the Harry Brock series.

Inspector of the Dead

Inspector of the Dead by David Morrell
Call Number: Morrell  (found in Adult and Large Print)

In Victorian England during the Crimean war, Thomas De Quincey, his comrades from Scotland yard, and his daughter must face an enemy that threatens the nation.

slated for death

Slated for Death by Elizabeth J. Duncan
Call Number: Duncan

Penny Brannigan is investigating the murder of a woman at an old mine, which is now a tourist attraction in the town of Llanelen, Wales.  Counterfeit jars of Penny’s house-brand hand cream are found on the scene and they begin to suspect that the mine owner is the killer.

Movie Review – Oculus

“You see what it wants you to see”

Call Number:  DVD 2269
Rated R 


If the movie is not in at HPL you can order it from inter-library loan

I saw this movie both in the theater and at home on DVD.  while I wouldn’t recommend paying $10 to see it, it’s great if you’re at home and in the mood for a scary movie.

The movie starts out with Tim finally being let out of the mental institution he had lived in for most of his childhood.  He is deemed mentally healthy, but warned to be wary of his sister’s influence.  His sister, Kaylie, works for an antiques dealer and has acquired an old mirror that used to be in the house the siblings grew up in.  She’s convinced that the mirror harbors an evil spirit that caused the death of their mother and has a plan to fight back.

The best part of this movie was the constant flashbacks to the sibling’s childhood, woven fluidly into the present.  The flashbacks, which grow more and more horrifying, offset the less intense present scenes, where they are waiting for the ghost and arguing about the past, which Tim has forgotten.  The actress that plays Kaylie as a child does a fantastic job as she changes from a normal kid to someone who is trapped in an abusive home and fears for her life.  Rory Cochrane, who plays the father, is fascinating to watch as he changes from a loving dad into a violent, paranoid man, due to the poltergeist in the mirror in his office.

The two main characters are very likable and the audience roots for them as they try to trap and kill the ghost that has haunted them since childhood. One of the scariest things about this movie is that the people are the ones that inflict harm, and not the ghost.  It is only the ghost’s influence that causes them to become dangerous.  The only real power the poltergeist has is to trick families into hurting each other.  The twins grapple with this as they realize they are not as prepared to confront the ghost as they thought.  There are several very interesting, trippy scenes where they watch themselves through the window of the house and realize they too are being manipulated by the ghost.

This movie is not overly gory, though there are a few graphic scenes.  There are actually only a couple of deaths during this movie and I really liked that the characters had intense, emotional reactions to these deaths instead of acting like they didn’t care, like in many horror movies.  This depth of emotion made the movie much more interesting and the characters much more believable.

The main thing I found disappointing about this movie was the ending.  The director was obviously trying to make the story come full circle, but it definitely wasn’t the ending I wanted or expected.  If the ending had been different, the movie as a whole would have been much better.

Nevertheless, this movie will hold your attention with it’s suspenseful and terrifying plot.

Books Like A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones is a popular series of high fantasy books written by George R.R. Martin.  The books take place in the lands of Westeros and Essos, where several houses fight to rule the kingdom.  If you are a fan of the books, or the television series, you may also like these books.

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best served coldBest served cold

by Joe Abercrombie
Call Number: Abercrombie

Styria has been torn apart by civil wars.  Duke Orso believes if he can end the wars he will become king.  But Orso makes a huge mistake when he tries to kill a general, who then swears vengeance.


the sacred bandThe sacred band

by David Anthony Durham
Call Number: Durham

This is the third book in the Acacia trilogy.  Queen Corinn and her siblings each begin their own quests to discover their destinies.  Corinn’s sister travels to the north to face an invasion of the Auldek race, while her brother travels to the Other Lands to complete an important mission.


13561356 : go with God, but fight like the devil

by Bernard Cornwell
Call Number: Cornwell

This is a historical fiction novel about the Battle of Poitiers that takes place in 1356.  The English army defeats the French and captures the French King even though they are greatly outnumbered.


gardensGardens of the moon

by Steven Erikson
Call Number: Erikson

The Empress Laseen rules over the Malazan Empire, using her Claw assassins to hold her power.  But there is still one free city standing andSergeant Whiskeyjack and the mage tattersail must protect it.


the white queenThe white queen

by Philippa Gregory
Call Number: Gregory

This is a historical novel that follows the Wars of the Roses.  Elizabeth is a commoner, but manages to marry the King of England in secret and become queen.  Though she rises to the challenge of being a queen her two sons become prisoners in the Tower of London.


the shadow queenThe shadow queen : a black jewels novel

by Anne Bishop
Call Number: Bishop

The seventh book in the Black Jewels series.  Theran Grayhaven is determined to find the key that will lead to treasure that he can use to restore the devastated land of Dena Nehele.  Before he can do this he must find the perfect queen.


the steel remainsThe steel remains

by Richard K. Morgan
Call Number: Morgan

Gil is a retired warrior living in a small village in the country.  But then his estranged family enlists his help to find a cousin that has been sold into slavery.  On his journey he discovers that the demon Aldrain race may have returned to the land.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post – A YA Review

the miseducationWritten by Emily Danforth
Call Number: YA Danforth
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Cameron is a teenage girl living in a small, conservative Montana town. When her parents die tragically, her aunt and grandmother move in to help raise her.  When it comes out the Cameron is gay her aunt sends her to a Christian rehabilitation school so that she can overcome her affliction.  Cameron must decide if she wants to change to fit everyone else’s ideals or live her own life.

This was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.  The writing itself had a much more literary style than most YA books, which was refreshing.  The content and the writing style makes this book perfect for older teens and adults.  It had a steady pacing that never dragged or was boring.

It takes place in the 1990s and there are a lot of music and pop culture references, which were interesting, and is another aspect that will appeal to adults.   The book starts out with Cameron as a twelve year old who is just discovering her sexuality, and moves through her teens.  The author does a wonderful job of changing Cameron’s voice slowly as she ages.  She does this so subtly that the reader doesn’t realize that the voice has matured and changed a great deal from the voice of Cameron as a twelve year old.  The reader meets a lot of characters as Cameron dates different girls, but the author makes each character unique and memorable enough that the reader can easily differentiate them.  We also see Cameron gaining knowledge about herself with each new experience.

It is easy for the reader to identify with Cameron and empathize with what she’s going through.  We experience all of her guilt and pain as she tries to change who she is and we follow her through the process of accepting herself.  All of the characters are well developed and three dimensional, even the very minor ones.  I especially liked that some of her really good friends were conflicted about accepting her sexuality and often struggled with the idea of continuing to be friends with her.  Though some of these scenes were emotionally tough to read, they’re important because of their realism.  Readers get to experience all different viewpoints, including homophobia, through Cameron’s eyes.

Cameron’s aunt, Ruth, was the easiest character to dislike.  When she comes to live with Cameron they immediately clash.  She is also very religious and makes Cameron join her Evangelical church.  She is the one who ultimately decides to send Cameron away to boarding school to be “fixed”.  While Ruth is unlikeable, there are also many aspects to her personality that are noble.  This makes her a more interesting and three dimensional character.  While Cameron’s opinion of her aunt never really changes, the reader begins to see that Ruth really does care about Cameron in her own way and is sacrificing a lot for her.  My only problem with this book was Cameron’s continued harshness towards her aunt, even when she is dealing with cancer and going through surgery.  While the reader can see where Cameron is coming from, her continued hatred of Ruth makes her seem selfish and uncaring.  This could be a great talking point for book discussions.

Because this book has sexual scenes, cursing, and marijuana use it’s best for more mature teens.  A really important and engrossing read.

Inspirational Memoirs

There are so many great books out there about people who have harrowing and inspiring stories.  Whether they overcame the odds and achieved their dreams or survived a terrible experience, these people will inspire and amaze you.

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the last lectureThe Last Lecture
by Randy Pausch
Call Number:  QFMI P287 l

A computer science professor, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, reflects on achieving childhood dreams and seizing the moment.

in the waterIn the Water They Can’t See You Cry : a memoir
by Beard, Amanda
Call Number: E B38i

Olympic swimmer, Amanda Beard, began competing at a very early age and recounts her struggles with depression, eating disorders, and drug abuse, and how she overcame them.

swimmingSwimming to Antarctica : tales of a long-distance swimmer
by Lynne Cox.
Call Number:   E C8398

A long distance swimmer describes her record breaking English-Channel crossing along with other swimming feats.  She talks about her intense training from an early age and her spiritual connection with the ocean.

have a little faithHave a little faith : a true story
by Mitch Albom
Call Number: CGW A l 14h  (Also in Audio under Albom)

The author is asked to write a eulogy for an aging rabbi, which reconnects him with his faith.  He begins working with a pastor who helps the poor and comes from an impoverished background.  He sees how both these men use faith to survive.

zeitounZeitoun [sound recording]
by Dave Eggers ; an unabridged performance by Firdous Bamji.
Call Number: CD EGGERS

This a a nonfiction narrative written by Dave Eggers about the Zeitoun family and their experience living through Hurricane Katrina.

breaking nightBreaking Night: A memoir of forgiveness, survival, and my journey from homeless to Harvard
by Liz Murray
Call Number: E M964b

Liz Murray finds herself living on the streets when she is just fifteen.  Instead of giving up she decides to finish her high school degree and ends up being accepted to Harvard.

angelasAngela’s Ashes
by Frank McCourt
Call Number: E M137a

A memoir of the author’s impoverished childhood in New York and Ireland.  His mother struggles to feed her family, while his father spends all of their money on alcohol.  Will he achieve his dream of one day coming to America?

Books Like “The Fault in Our Stars”

The Fault in Our Stars is a popular YA book by John Green that was recently made into a movie.  Hazel, who is 16, reluctantly agrees to go to a cancer support group, where she meets Augustus.  Although she is terminal, the relationship she has with him soon changes her whole perspective on life.  If you are looking to read something like The Fault in Our Stars, you might like these books….

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the miseducationThe Miseducation of Cameron Post
by Emily Danforth

Cameron lives in a conservative Montana town with her aunt and grandmother.  She tries to blend in but when her relatives find out that she’s gay they send her to a conversion therapy center.


if i stayIf I Stay
by Gayle Forman

Mia is struggling to make a choice between something she loves or staying with her family and boyfriend.  Then she goes on a drive with her family and everything changes.


foreverForever (The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3)

by Maggie Stiefvater

Sam and Grace are in love, but Sam is a werewolf and they must fight for their love in a dangerous world.


and we stayAnd We Stay
by Jenny Hubbard

Emily is sent to boarding school in Amherst, MA after a terrifying and tragic incident at her school.  There she meets the ghost of Emily Dickinson who tries to help her get over the tragedy.


9780545240758The Big Crunch

by Pete Hautman

June and Wes meet at June’s new school, but it’s not love at first sight.  When they do start dating they’re not sure where it will lead.


drumsDrums, girls, & dangerous pie

by Jordan Sonnenblick.

Steven is thirteen and has a pretty average teenage life.  But when his five year old brother gets Leukemia his whole world is turned upside down.